Daystar Environmental is family owned and operated business, located in the state of Louisiana. Our initial geographic area of service has been in a six state region; Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas and we have also done jobs as far away as Gabon, Africa for the Shell Oil Company. Beginning in the summer of 2015 DayStar began making a direct effort to reach well beyond these local boarders with a focus on national and international servicing.

Bobby Tidwell's Daystar Environmental was birthed out of his previous business called “D-Rail” where he bought and sold railway cars . It was during this time that he saw the opportunity within the oilfield industry for soil remediation.


His background and knowledge within oilfield technologies was gained through a 12 plus year career with Schlumberger which motivated him to put a process in place and began to connect with potential clients.


Immediately we started meeting with compressor companies, oil company field offices, gas plants, etc.. to show them a superior way to clean up oil contaminated soil and oil type spills without the costly method of digging and hauling.


We quickly found that our potential customers had been exposed to every possible solution on the market today. In an effort to separate ourselves from our competitors and prove we had a much different service and product we offered the opportunity for us to clean their worst spot without paying if the service did not do what we claimed it would.


Daystar Environmental has worked for most major Oil & Gas companies, even as far as Africa as well as a dozen other industries where oil in any form is used or utilized. The majority of these Companies after 13 years of service continue to make us their first call for remediation.


Steven Tidwell