HydroClean Pro works best with oil on soil, water and concrete, fuel oil leaks, oil sludge, crude oil, creosote transformer oil, heater oil and any type hydrocarbon spill.

Daystar's proprietary on-site remediation approach combined with our flagship products HydroClean Pro and HyrdroClean Pro Lite (both non-microbial) allow us to take advantage of the polymerization process known as "London Dispersion". This method enables us to turn any (oil) hydrocarbon into a non-hazardous glass bead (silica) that can only be broken down via extensive laboratory process. Typically within a 1-3 day average, we can take contaminated soil and change it back to its original color while dropping the total petroleum hydrocarbons well below Federal E.P.A. requirements.  In turn providing our clients substantial regulatory, financial and ecological advantages;

  • E.P.A  regulatory compliance (Costly fines). 

  • Significant downtime reduction (Days, not weeks, or month long clean ups).

  • Substantial cost savings over other methods (Less labor, less time).

  • Eco-friendly and environmentally safe. (Green)

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